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Essay Question 1 for ‘The Road’

Catching Up

A post to remind you of work that needs to be completed, either via your blog or handed in. I have created a list of tasks that should have been completed – mostly essays. You also need to read through the work that is on the blog to ensure that you have worked through all […]

A hold upon beauty.

So Edmund Gosse describes one of Christina Rossetti’s achievements in her poetry, and so we can consider the art of poetry itself. Our work this term is focused on poetry and in particular upon the collection of Rossetti poems in the AQA Poetry Anthology. We started by taking some of the advice offered to us […]

A Level Conference – Wednesday 24th Octo

Hoping that all of you will be making this fantastic conference, especially as we have organised for you to pay the bargain price of £5 each! Check out this link for more information and remember to get reply slips and payments in by Tuesday 15th October.

Homework Due: Tuesday 9th October 2012

Hey all – just a reminder about your homework, which was to create a collage representing your research of the social and historical context to The Great Gatsby. Try to include a variety of words and images which convey what you found out about the time but also what you interpreted as important and relevant in […]

Homework – first essay due Thursday 27th

Homework – first essay due Thursday 27th September 2012

I set you your first essay task this week. We discussed how to go about planning, structuring and writing the essay to move on from GCSE format through to a more mature style at AS. The task you were given was to answer the question: How does Fitzgerald establish the characters of Daisy, Nick, Tom […]


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