See here for some past exam questions. You should practise as many of them possible and/or create plans of how you would answer the questions. Try working in timed conditions (1 hour on Section A- two questions (so 30mins per question)).


1. How does Auden tell the story in ‘O What Is That Sound’? (21 marks)

2. “We never step twice into the same Auden” (Randall Jarrell) How far do you agree that Auden’s narratives are always very different from each other? (21 marks)

McCarthy – ‘The Road’

1. Write about McCarthy’s method of telling the story from page 1 to the bottom of page 16 ending with ‘just the silence’ (Picador 2009 edition). (21 marks)

2. “It seems pointless to talk about the beginning, middle and end of this novel; there is no beginning, middle and end.” How do you respond to this view of The Road? (21 marks)

Scott-Fitzgerald – ‘The Great Gatsby’

1. Write about some of Fitzgerald’s narrative methods in Chapter 2. (21 marks)

2. “In The Great Gatsby the lower social classes are presented as crude and vulgar.” How do you respond to this view? (21 marks)