As preparation for the examination on Friday, there will be a revision programme running from p1-4 tomorrow in the Library. We aim to keep it focused but also light-hearted, with opportunities for revision games, group work and individual support. Tea/Coffee and snacks will be on hand to keep you going!!

See here for the details of the sessions being run. We will adapt them if necessary to best support you and your needs.

Period One: ‘It’s all in the question’ [Ms Turner & Miss Drysdale]

In the examiner’s report, it was noted that the reason some students didn’t perform at a high level was often because they had not looked closely at the wording of the exam questions.

We will explore a number of different questions, along with the mark schemes, and evaluate how to answer these successfully.

Period Two: Section B [Ms Turner]

Comparing and linking the texts studied. You will explore how to group texts, work on timings and practice the skills needed for this monster question!

Period Three: Section A [Miss Drysdale]

Drawing a close focus on the individual writers and texts. You will revise key narrative devices and have more time to practice collaborative and individual writing tasks.

Period Four: Individual Feedback [Ms Turner & Miss Drysdale]

In this lesson, we will provide valuable 1:1 and paired feedback opportunities. We will look at your work, from the revision sessions and prior tasks, with you and offer individualised support.